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You want to create your own website of your (lecture) material? eSkript.ethz.ch with PressBooks and further plugins provide a great all-in-one solution. In this guide we give you a brief introduction on how to create your own eSkript. The following parts help you to start right away:

  • Quick and Dirty: overview of the PressBooks GUI and a very short step-by-step instruction
  • How to Start: information on login, your profile and catalog and how to launch a new project
  • Basic Settings: where and how to adjust metadata, appearance and privacy settings
  • Handling the Content: instructions and tips for adding and editing your content
  • Import: different solutions for different formats
  • Export: how to have downloads available in other formats and a word on the update cycles
  • Additional Plugins: details on how you (and others) can annotate your eSkript, analyze web traffic, insert interactivity modules and more

If you need further assistance and help:


Need Ideas?

If you need ideas about how to use eSkript in your teaching, browse our eSkript Scenarios.




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