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22 Document Versioning

If you decide to publish your lecture material with eSkript you might have periodical changes of your content. With the web version of your eSkript you can always provide the latest and most updated version. However, the static files (PDF, EPUB, MOBI) need to be recreated every time you want to include an update. In order to keep track of the different versions, it makes sense to include for example the date of the last update in the export files. Like that the reader always knows whether he/she is working with the up-to-date version. Below you find a possible solution on how to include the export date.

How to include the export date in your PDF or Ebook

  1. Create a new Front Matter, e.g. with the title Version
  2. Write your text and include the date, e.g. Last modified: [date today]
  3. Click ‘Save Draft‘ (make sure you checkmark ‘Include in exports‘ and do not ‘Publish‘ this page, so it will appear in the export files only)
  4. Edit this page and ‘Save Draft‘ every time before you make a new export.


Last modified: [date today]



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