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25 Private Text Sections

Private text sections allow you to hide sections of a chapter from your readers. You can add answers to a quiz, hints to a topic you want to elaborate on in your lecture, instructions to assistants or any other private note, all in the right context of your content.

Add a private section

To add a private section, you can either select a text or position your cursor in the right spot of your text and then click the lock [1]. If the lock isn’t visible you have to expand the toolbar by clicking the expansion button [2]. Clicking the lock will insert the private tag as shown in the next image.

Everything within the private tag will stay hidden except you choose otherwise.

Show and hide private sections

In Web Books

As an editor, you have the option to hide and show private sections in your web books. By clicking the lock icon [3], the private sections [4] appear and disappear. This affects only your personal view of the book. Readers without the rights to edit the book will never be able to see the private sections in a web book.

In Exports

To enable the export of private sections when exporting a PDF or eBook, you have to enable the “Export private sections” option [7] located in “Appearance” -> “Theme Options” [5] under “Global Options” [6]. If it is enabled, all exports will include the private sections. Be careful with this option! If you have enabled that the downloads are available on the main page, cf. (Section ), the PDF and eBook downloads will contain the private notes. Therefore, we recommend 1) downloading the exports with private notes and 2) deleting them right away on the server [8]. Furthermore, we recommend to always disable this export option [7] after exporting as somebody else might not know that it is activated.


Export Private Sections

  1. Enable the setting “Export private sections”
  2. Export your eSkript
  3. Download the file(s) you want
  4. Delete the file(s) on eSkript that you have just produced (‘Latest Export’)
  5. Disable the setting “Export private sections”



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