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28 Virtual Reality Content



With the two plugins ‘WP-VR-View’ and ‘PanoPress’ it is possible to include VR (virtual reality) and panoramic content in a book.


To include a stereo picture that can be viewed with Google Cardboard and similar devices you can use the shortcode
[[vrview img=”https://eskript.ethz.ch/<yourbook>/wp-content/uploads/sites/<site-id>/path/to/your/vr_img.jpg” stereo=”true”]]


A full feature list can be found here:



With this plugin you can include a 360° panorama in your book.

The steps you need to take to make the content visible:

  1. Create your panorama with a tool like Marzipano.net
  2. Upload all the necessary files to the uploads directory of your book using SSH/SFTP
  3. Adjust the permissions of the files you uploaded (otherwise you will see an error message in your book)
  4. Include the shortcode
    [[pano file="https://eskript.ethz.ch/<yourbook>/wp-content/uploads/sites/<site-id>/path/to/your/panorama.html"]]

To find you site-id you can go to “Media”, select an uploaded file and check the URL displayed on the right hand side.

A full feature list can be found here:


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