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Roadmap, Features and Bugs

D.1 – Roadmap

This is what we’re trying to work on now:


  • Take over repository: Versioning for: Make sure eSkript live Plugin code and Github latest version code are the same, and dev (=mskript)
  • (Guide) Add images: full size, no ‘Umlaute’ in file names, not amazingly long file names. (If PDF is important to you, know that the image size is always the size of the original file.)
  • (Guide User) Erstellen der eigenen Katalogseite.
  • (Guide) How to reset wrong numbering of headings (img). The number in the pic should be 13 not 11. This happens when creating a ‘template’.
    Steps: If you prepare a chapter with subchapters (as a template), and then later you copy paste that. Either you take out the IDs manually before you copy/paste to other chapters or you do it, just like that, and then you reset the numbering. BE AWARE: references will get lost.
  • (Guide) How to for ‘Learning Progress’ (for users: Bookmarks; for authors: activate, settings and bookmark)
  • (Guide) How to for ‘Missing Content’ per textbox
  • (Guide) How to ‘Highlight’ (plugin, how it works and opt-out-option)
  • (Guide) How to Geogebra (iframe H5P and shortcode Geogebra; for users on iPad: how to fullscreen and get out of it)
  • (Guide) How to import LaTeX json
  • (Guide) Update How to for authors for hypothes.is. It has changed.
  • (Guide) How to for <Details open><summary></summary>
  • (Guide) How to move Parts around
  • (Guide) How to put subchapters on their own page
  • (Guide) Add a formula to the Author’s Guide.



  • Revisions (FR3: ‘What has changed since last export / since last ‘release’? (Version summaries, diff.: only if much text has changed but always when formula has changed!))
  • References: Abbildung –> also Figure; & Make settings (for references) work again; & Make table numbering work again
  • Lists?

To be defined

  • Check out Gutenberg!
  • Instead of clicking on the heading to choose if numbered or not and see the ref
    –> add functionality to format bar or Gutenberg-style. Reason: doesn’t work on iOS.
  • D-MATH specific
    • Geogebra with js and resizing (?); by XY (Note: Shortcode ready, done by Stephan Müller)
    • D-MATH Theme; by C. Heiss


  • Further dev around Showing Subchapters:
    1. Two-level ToC (the subchapters) should _always_ show up in ToC of the chapters (new standard). The setting (Menu Appearance: Theme Options: Global Options: “Two-Level TOC: Enable two-level table of contents (displays headings under chapter titles)” should only be for the layout of the ToC of the main page. (Reasoning: Showing subchapters on their own page only works (navigation) if the ToC is also two-level enabled (Menu Appearance: Theme Options: Global Options: “Two-Level TOC: Enable two-level table of contents (displays headings under chapter titles)” and “Chapter Subdivision: Put sections on their own page”). Right now, if two-level ToC is not enabled, one can never reach subchapters.
    2. The checkbox “put subchapters on their own page” on the main page should only show up if a user is logged in, because it fails when not, and actually only makes sense then, as I want it to be user-specific (and if no user, I don’t want any other possible navigation). (same as for highlight option)
    3. Stephan’s navigation: when ‘subchapters on own page’ enabled, the arrows navigate from one subchapter to the next instead of from chapter to chapter. (If this were like that, one would not navigate with the ToC for chapters (if needed at all), and then, the problem –last little thing– that the ToC stays open when navigating subchapters (because the page does not reload) would disappear.) Or an even better solution. 😉 maybe with additional arrows.
    4. When subchapters show on their own page, the class “not-web” is not followed, which makes things appear on the web that we do not want. To check it out: Textbox “Export only”, class=”not-web” in a div, studentguide chapter 3, bsb chapter 6 at the very end.
    5. When subchapters show on their own page, some interactivity modules need a reload of the page to show the pic (e.g. https://fskript.ethz.ch/studentguide/chapter/interactivity/#0bdbf7ab8cb)
    6. Subchapters in the ToC in chapters also show even if they are ‘private’ (shortcode private around them). That’s a detail. If there is an easy solution, yes. If not, forget it.
  • Further dev of ‘Visual (learning) progress bar’
    • Video count?! (youtube, embeds, .mp4, .mov,… what have you implemented?)
    • Write ReadMe
    • Progress bar for chapters, cf. NZZ article on small devices, link and pic.
    • Setting for reading/learning time adjustment[1],…
  • Further dev of Highlighting: Show all of a user’s highlights
    • Fix bug, see pic.

D.2 – Bugs (we should fix)

  • If possible: Special characters and Umlaute (ä, ü,…) in file names (of pix). (A picture with a file name with an Umlaut is not being displayed.)
  • If possible: captions should be able to contain <sup> or <sub> or similar, and bullet points (ul)! (Note: LaTeX shortcode is possible in captions! – Maybe that’s the only and final solution.)
  • Further text format (small text): paragraph small.
  • Needs to be reproduced if possible: H5P module (memory/image sequencing/..) does not load properly, see pic
  • Needs to be tested: On some mobile devices (@Lorin, which ones?) on our testserver chapters don’t resize, see pic
  • Wait for new H5P Version and look again. Propose good solution: On iPad/iPhone (probably most mobiles) h5p modules go into semi-fullscreen if fullscreen button is clicked. Our upper black bar (with link to eSkript main page and link to book main page) is in the way of closing the fullscreen modus. 1) Possible to take that away? Where to put the eSkript main page link? Necessary? 2) On the iPad bar it says ‘ETH ESKRIPT’, on the iPhone it says ‘PB’. (If we take the bar away, this is not necessary to fix.); by Dominic Michel

D.3 – Feature Requests

  • Fix ToC (Table of contents) like this.
  • FR1: Numbering (incl. alignment) of formulas with references (Numbering is done, alignment needs to be looked at.) !! Language: it should be possible to switch between Gleichung and Formula, cf. (Section 18.4)
  • Is being worked on: FR3: ‘What has changed since last export / since last ‘release’? (Version summaries, diff.: only if much text has changed but always when formula has changed!)
  • Pagebreaks for PDF (sometimes there is even a page break between a pic and its caption!)
  • The ‘Edit’ button on a chapter should slide down with page, so that you don’t have to scroll up before changing to the editor view.
  • Pix in PDF should observe the pix’ width and height (px) and not just insert the original file with its size.
  • Wolfram Alpha implementation?
  • ? Folders for Media Library
  • ? Button for <Details open><summary></summary>, at least add to the author’s guide.
  • More Learning Analytics (LA)
  • When copying from web, automatic creation of citation/footnote, similar to word-researcher.
  • When adding a new chapter, it should be added after the one chapter one was editing.
  • (Menu for fastswitching to edit another chapter)
  • (Button ‘Update and Show’)
  • When working on smaller screens editing chapters, the ‘Publish/Update’ button is at the very bottom, which is a drag! Ideas?

D.4 – Bugs (that cannot be fixed by us)

  • H5P on iOS: (iframe embedder, interactive video) jumping to an unknown location further down when clicked, cf. here.
  • Sometimes formula parse, sometimes they don’t. Usually it works if one saves in ‘Visual mode’ again. Sometimes it’s because an html-tag hasn’t been closed. Sometimes there are unneeded spaces. The ‘smaller as’ – character is a problem, sometimes! (How to: code in text editor as ‘ampersand plus l plus t plus colon’, i.e. ‘& l t ;’ without spaces)
  • ‘[latex]
  • hypothesis on iOS (substandard usability so far)

D.5 – Next Updates

For us to upgrade to PB 4.x, we need PHP 7.x, and our servers at ID are not there yet. mskript will be a pilot for ID.

Testing results’ notes by Dominic:

In PB 4.x muss das eskript css ein wenig angepasst werden damit das Fitzgerald Basistheme richtig eingebunden wird.
@import url(“../../../pressbooks/themes-book/fitzgerald/style.css”)
muss neu
@import url(“../../../../themes/pressbooks-fitzgerald/style.css”)

danach erbt auch das UZH Thema aus Fitzgerald

am einfachsten installiert man PB und alle Abhänigkeiten über composer. Treten dort Fehler auf kann man sie gleich per SSH lösen. Bei meinem Test habe ich allerdings das PB 4.5 Plugin nicht aktivieren können. Ich habe dann PB 4.4 als Zip darüberkopiert, die Berechtigungen angepasst und das Plugin aktiviert. Danach konnte ich über WordPress das Plugin aktualisieren. Hat dann soweit funktioniert.

D.6 – Past Updates

D.6.1 – July 2018

  • H5P Update: 1.10.3

D.6.2 – February 2018

  • Hotfix: Problems with text editor, adding Media,… on landing page; by Lukas Kaiser
  • Plugin PBPrivate (Private Sections) updated  (FR5: Private notes (per shortcode private), show also online for authors); by Lukas Kaiser

D.6.3 – December 2017

  • WordPress Update 4.9.1
  • Plugins Update: H5P 1.10.0, Shibboleth 1.8.1, eSkript Pressbooks 0.1
  • Fix: In EPUB exports: align formulas when in text.
  • Fix: Textbox header background (box is shifted to the left)
  • Fix: Bug: ‘Ü’: if an export file (i.e main title of eSkript) begins with an ü, ä or ö (or…) the file for download cannot be found from the main page.
  • Today’s Date: Date of export for PDF (seeing the different versions)
  • SVG pix also show up in EPUBs! (Thanx, Dominic Michel)

 October 2017

  • Updates and Bug fix (resizing of pages on small screens); thanx Dominic!
  • Further development of ‘Visual (learning) progress bar’: showing modules/videos in Progress Bar; by Lorin Mühlebach
  • Plugins (Learning Progress and Highlighting Feature, like it is for the plugin Pressbooks import) should be showing up for administrators of eSkripts; by Lorin Mühlebach
  • Further development of Highlighting Feature: make it possible for Reader/User to opt out; by Lorin Mühlebach
  • For D-MATH: Only showing subchapters: setting for Reader/Student (opting out/in) (=further dev of js code by Stephan Müller); by Lorin Mühlebach

D.6.4 – September 2017

  • Fixed bug in ‘Visual (learning) progress bar’: Update Button; by Lorin Mühlebach
  • Highlighting Feature; by Lorin Mühlebach
  • FR2: Using the ‘Parts’ with text: there is no numbering and no ‘??’ anymore; by Dominic Michel
  • H5P update 1.9.2 (interactive videos don’t make the page jump around anymore on iPad)

D.6.5 – August 2017

In a nutshell: Pressbooks 3.9.10, Pressbooks mPDF 1.7.0, our Pressbooks eSkript plugin, Learning Progress (NEW), UZH Theme (NEW)

  • UZH Theme; by Dominic Michel
  • Fixed CSS, also fix ordered list (ol, indent of following lines); by Dominic Michel
  • Changes to ToC (in chapters) because of compressed parts, cf. Image; by Dominic Michel
  • Shortcode for Geogebra[2], done by Stephan Müller
  • Basic ‘Visual (learning) progress bar’: private bookmark (on h1) with ‘Continue’ reading button, lecture bookmark, word count, average reading time, number of H5P modules/videos/pictures, subchapter length in chapter; –> funding by innovedum for 2017; by Lorin Mühlebach
  • Show Parts title in chapters. (Pressbooks standard version has a setting for that: Appearance > Theme Options> Web Options > Display Part Title > Display the Part title on each chapter); by Stephan Müller
  • Button, back to eskript.ethz.ch (portal page) from the cover page of an eSkript; by Dominic Michel
  • Special Textbox for code for ‘Missing Content’ (case: video or h5p on web, ‘Missing Content’ for PDF); by Stephan Müller
  • Search and Replace: regex checkbox.
  • Search field (top right, in a book).
  • D-MATH: LaTeX import, work in progress (D-MATH); by Stephan Müller
  • ToC; by Dominic Michel
    • (BUG) Sometimes, with a certain window width, chapter X is not correctly shown on main book page in ToC, see pic (chapter 2). (Only on live server? Always at beginning of second or third column when window is very wide.)
    • ToC main page: See that the Learning Progress dots are not truncated, see pic. (Only on desktop (Safari) and iPad, good on Firefox and iPhone! To test: set own bookmark on a chapter (not a heading/subchapter) from first column.)
  • Fixed: html sup and sub didn’t work anymore (only Web; editor and pdf/epub export were good) eSkript ETHZ and UZH Theme! – CA2+ and O2 [latex]\text{CA}^{2+}[/latex]
  • UZH Theme: Hyphenation works now in Firefox. What about Safari, Chrome,..? Cf. http://caniuse.com/#search=hyphens

D.6.6 – June 2017

  • Update: WordPress and all plugins (except for PressBooks)
  • New features: H5P has a dashboard! (not necessary anymore to upload h5p-libraries when opening a book!)
  • Update: ETHSkripts theme (fixes and improvements): Some line spaces, especially before headings and after h5p modules, ToC (for pdf), less blank pages
  • New features: better in-chapter navigation through ToC (if two-level ToC is enabled)
  • New features: VotingStar: Reset and restore of voting including exports. by Stephan Müller
  • Bug fix: epub and mobi export

D.6.7 – April 2017

  • Privacy, only allow subscribers from… . Done for UZH, ZHAW, FHNW.
  • Button, back to eskript.ethz.ch (portal page) from inside a book.

D.6.8 – Dec 2016

  • Server is ‘clean’ (standard plugins) except for small addendum to Pressbooks
  • Fixed: Exports & Access Rights
  • Migrated to ID ETHZ (Nov 2016)
  • Like-Funktionalität (Voting Stars by D-MATH & Stephan Müller)
  • Easier/Clearer login window or Redirect
  • Better quality of LaTeX on web, now with SVG (stopped using KaTeX)
  • Better quality of LaTeX in pdf and epub (–> done with SVG by Stephan Müller)
  • Copying of formula code –> Formula code is shown when hovering, and pix can be linked.
  • Install iframe plugin? –> not needed: use ‘iframe embedder’ from H5P.
  • Fixed: Adding existing users as administrator of a book. Only I, super-admin, can add existing users. Workaround: make site subscribable, users subscribe, the administrator can change their role then.
  • Fixed: A shibboleth user has to login over the studentguide even though he/she may be an administrator of another book. Can’t login there if it’s not open for Shibboleth subscription. (I think.)

D.6.9 – Oct 2015

  • Better quality of LaTeX on web (with KaTeX)
  • CDF files (Wolfram CDF Player) work in Safari and Firefox, not in Chrome
  • Installed Mendeley plugin and de-installed: doesn’t do anything much. How to: Work with Mendeley/Endotes, manage lists/groups, export as formatted text and paste into eSkript. (Note: Use the (Authorname 1999)-kind of citations.)
  • Default setting when opening new book: Private

D.7 – Changed Files in Pressbooks

  • PB habe ich in der Datei \wp-content\plugins\pressbooks\themes-book\pressbooks-book\header.php folgendes ergänzt, damit im HTML die Buchsprache korrekt ausgegeben wird (nötig für Silbentrennung im Browser): <body *<?php language_attributes(); ?>*
  • PB: in der Datei \wp-content\plugins\pressbooks\themes-book\pressbooks-book\css\structure.css geändert: bei allen CSS-Regeln für .wrapper den CSS-Code “margin:0 auto” auskommentiert (Stand 30.10.2017 gibt es zwei .wrapper-Regeln)
  • PB: In der Datei \wp-content\plugins\pressbooks\includes\pb-utility.php hinzugefügt: In der Funktion latest_exports() muss in der ersten foreach-Schlaufe (“foreach ( \Pressbooks\Utility\scandir_by_date( $dir ) as $file )”) auf der ersten Zeile folgender Code eingefügt werden: $file = utf8_encode($file); Dies sorgt dafür dass Sonderzeichen als UTF8-Zeichen interpretiert werden.
  • PB: In der Datei \wp-content\plugins\pressbooks\includes\pb-utility.php hinzugefügt: In der Funktion group_exports() muss in der ersten foreach-Schlaufe (“foreach ( scandir( $dir ) as $file )”) auf der ersten Zeile folgender Code eingefügt werden: $file = utf8_encode($file); Dies sorgt dafür dass Sonderzeichen als UTF8-Zeichen interpretiert werden.

For additional file changes see: https://github.com/sarahfrederickx/pressbooks-eskript/blob/develop/pb-modifications.txt

D.8 – Random Notes


  • If problems, set the permissions on the server. Solves 90% of the cases.


  • Results are not logged with interactive videos: Play the video to the end! (https://h5p.org/comment/13537)

Less important:

  • Being able to draw in private comments (minimal request: arrows, circles, squares and colors)
  • Exporting of notes/comments (hypothesis) with text/content (as a backup? or as pdf?) Necessary?
  • Numbering of formulas (?), meaning numbering of specially defined images or ‘objects’; by Stephan Müller
  • Easily changing headings’ levels over the whole book –> How to ‘Search and Replace’ for headings’ html tags will do the trick.
  • Check out ‘draw io’ plugin a bit more. Seems good so far.
  • ‘How to’ about using anchors. Can we make it easier? (Links with id.) – done in Guide
  • LaTeX formulas in image captions (maybe think about an easy workaround!) – done
  • EPUB3
  • (Pagebreaks for PDF export)
  • More control with pictures for PDF export
  • (?) Define tags in CSS: video tag, pagebreak tag (?), web-only tag

Maybe one day/ if still necessary: Integrate into standard PressBooks plugin/lots of dependencies:

  • References
  • ? Overview of References / Routine ‘outdated links’ (there is a wordpress plugin)
  • List of Images
  • List of Tables
  • ? Formulas: Numbering and List


  • Error message when updating: “The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below.” (@Stephan, has it to do with numbering/ids? maybe it’s more about my browser cache, client side?)
  • The ‘smaller as’ – character is a problem! (code in text editor as ‘ampersand plus l plus t plus colon’) Note: latex doesn’t like spaces, katex does! Mostly fixed.
  • h5p interactive video in Safari on iOS –> it works on the iPad Pro (but not on iPhone or iPad). It does work now!
  • FR4: Be able to make a copy of an already existing eSkript. –> it is possible over the WP xml export, and import again. It will also be possible per button in one of the new PB versions.

Guide Updates


  1. Also think about Learning Analytics (LA): where do most students spend their time? How long do most students spend on a specific chapter? Etc.
  2. Bezüglich GeoGebra: Ich habe mal https://wiki.geogebra.org/en/Reference:Math_Apps_Embedding gelesen und auf git ein paar Features hinzugefügt um das zu ermöglichen. Es hat nun eine neue Option bei den Theme Options welche https://cdn.geogebra.org/apps/deployggb.js hinzu fügt. Ausserdem hat es einen neuen Shortcode:
    [geogebra id="test_app1" material_id="RxJhe7k9" borderColor="black" useBrowserForJS="false" allowUpscale="true"/]
    [geogebra id="test_app2" material_id="17499" borderColor="#55FF00" /]

    Die id wird verwendet für die id des div, und der Rest wird bei new GGBApplet(attributes, true) als Argument übergeben. Ich habe keine gute Dokumentation gefunden, doch wenn man raus findet was die Optionen sind, sollte man eigentlich alles machen können was man braucht (auch base64).


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