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21 Formats & Download

It is possible to provide a PDF, EPUB or MOBI version of your eSkript, since some students may still want to be able to work offline. In order to do so you need to export the content of the book. Please remember to create a new export, every time you update your online eSkript. PressBooks saves your last five batches of exported files.

How to create different formats for download

  1. Go to ‘Export‘ (left sidebar menu)
  2. Checkmark the formats you want to export
  3. Make sure you have activated the right theme (we recommend ETH Skripts)
  4. Hit the ‘Export Your Book‘ button
  5. Wait until the export is completed and the page has automatically reloaded (this might take a while)

Export and Appearance Settings

The design of all your eSkript formats is defined by the activated theme. We recommend to select the ETH Skripts theme. However, if you are good at CSS it is possible to customize your own eSkript. Global and and format specific settings can be changed under ‘Appearance > Theme Options‘. If you need more information on PDF or ebook options visit the respective chapters in the official PressBooks user guide.

PressBooks Userguide: Chapter – PDF & Export Options

After you have created your files, always check the new files. Especially the first time you might have to put some time into additional formatting (image quality and size, page breaks etc.). If you want to make sure you have a proper ebook follow the tipps of the PressBooks user guide on ‘How to Test Your Ebooks‘.

PDF and eBook Download

To make the exported files available for download go to ‘Settings > Privacy‘. Next to ‘Share Latest Export Files’ select the option ‘Yes. I would like…‘. The icons to download your exported files are now visible on the start page of your eSkript.

The latest exports of your eSkript can be downloaded from the homepage of your web site.

The latest exports of your eSkript can be downloaded from the homepage of your web site.


Why is the cover image not exported with the PDF?

Use the PDF (mPDF) export!

When using the PDF (Print) export, the cover image is not used. PressBooks PDFs are designed to be used as the “interior files” for print-on-demand (POD), that is, the pages of your book. If you want to provide a PDF cover, an additional file is required. It can be uploaded via the media library and linked somewhere separately.


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