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14 Voting Star

What is Voting Star?

You can use the plugin „Voting Star“ to let your students vote on material . It works like a „like“ button on social media and you can use it for feedback or decision making (e.g. choice of next topic, choice of exercises to be looked at again). You will be able to see what parts/points are important to your students.

Here is an example of the Voting Star being used to see how important different definitions are for students (3, 17 and 12 votes). In this case this was used to discern which definitions were to be added to a formula sheet for the exam.

How to activate Voting Star

Use the shortcode [votingstar id="identifier"] to add a star at any position within your content:

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 10.23.54
will turn into:
Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 17.39.25



  • Use a different id (id=“xyz“) for every star.
  • The id will help you identify where users have voted. In the administration panel menu „Settings“ > „VotingStar“, you can download the results (CSV file).
  • If you’re done with the voting activity, you can hide all voting stars using the corresponding setting in „Settings“.


  • Users have to be logged in to see the stars and cast a vote.
  • Every user has one vote per star. If they click the star again, their vote is removed.
  • The number of votes shown next to the star can be interpreted as „number of registered users who ‚liked‘ the corresponding content“.


If you want to use the voting again (resetting it), e.g. for the next semester, use the following or a similar scheme:

  • [votingstar id="2018hs-topicxy"]
  • [votingstar id="2018hs-topicyz"]

Next time you can use

  • [votingstar id="2019fs-topicxy"]
  • [votingstar id="2019fs-topicyz"]

and you only need to perform one (!) ‚Search & Replace‘ operation (in menu ‚Tools‘) to get it done :

Search: [votingstar id=“2018hs    and    Replace: [votingstar id=“2019fs


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