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23 Collaborative Script

23.1 – What is a Collaborative Script?

A great strength of Polybook in comparison with other online learning management systems is the opportunity to collaboratively work on the same thing. Therefore Polybook can be used as a collaborative script, where students are asked to work together on a project. This can be for example to write reviews or a case study together, a collaborative learning journal (as mentioned before) or others.

One very nice didactic method, which can be realized with Polybook is the collaborative script, where students can put their knowledge all together. Each student of a group is asked to build up expert knowledge in one specific field. The student then has to write a chapter in the polybook about this field, where the other students have access to and can read, ask questions about it and give constructive feedback. Another possibility is that the students have specific exercises / tasks that they have to fulfil together, where they can help one another.

23.2 – Strength:

Collaboration and cooperation is helpful for the students’ learning process in many ways: cognitive activation of knowledge, knowledge transfer, mutual support (high level of autonomy), knowledge transfer and therefore high learning effect.

23.3 – Examples:

  • This is part of a chapter from the Collaborative Script in Polybook from the class Appropriate Health System Design FS2020 (Course 376-1724-00L)


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