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22 Collaborative Learning Journal

22.1 – What is a collaborative learning journal?

Like an individual learning journal students document their learning process in a collaborative learning journal. But since PolyBook enables several authors to work on the same text, with this method a group of students can write one learning journal together. Besides that, the characteristics are very similar to the individual learning journal.

22.2 – Strength:

This way, students are asked to discuss the subjects with each other, which further increases their learning process. Furthermore students can answer each other’s questions directly and therefore automatically implement the peer teaching method.

22.3 – Examples:

  • This is part of a collaborative learning journal in the Polybook from the class „Tackling Environmental Problems I“.

22.4 – Further Comments:

Collaborative Learning Journals are a very effective way to increase the individual learning success. Especially concerning more complex subject areas, it is very helpful when several students digest the content together.

Polybooks main characteristic is the ability to enable good collaboration. Therefore it is highly recommendet to use it for a collaborative learning journal.


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