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20 Computer Based Learning Programm

20.1 – What is a Computer Based Learning Program?

Thanks to the many functionalities of Polybook, You can even use it like a Computer Based Learning Program, where you mix up texts with interactive exercises, where students are tested on their competencies/ skills. So the students get a direct feedback on their performance and learn in their own speed. This way they can decide themselves which chapter they want to learn when, whether they want to repeat something, spend more time on one thing or skip another one. Your function as a teacher (besides managing the program) is then more as a coach, where you can answer their questions or help them when they are struggling somewhere.

20.2 – Strengths

It is very interactive, which boosts students learning process. Furthermore Computer Based learning courses adapt nicely on the students individual abilities, skills and interests. A high amount of self-regulation when learning is furthermore scientifically proven to be very effective to increase the competence.

20.3 – Examples:

  • “Virtual Lab: Tissue Engineering: Theory & Interactive Simulation Videos”

20.4 – Further Comments

It does not replace a real face to face exchange with the students and it is important not to lose them by just leaving it fully up to them to learn only via online material. But it can be a good completion to the physical (more instruction based) classes.


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