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24 Others

24.1 – Peer Review

  • Thanks to the collaborative character of Polybook, it can be used to let the students interact within the class and with one another in different ways. So students can be asked to write an essay, a chapter or a short text about a certain topic or answering to a specific question / doing a certain task, and then other students can review their work and give constructive feedback.
  • Strength: students have a higher learning effect since they do not only focus on their own, but also on the work others have done, they can support and help each other and their motivation is probably increased to put effort in their work.

24.2 – Portfolio (for Students or Teacher)

  • Due to the very structured and clear layout of the polybook, it can be used as a portfolio where different scripts/ exercises and so on of the students (or the teachers) can be collected. This is especially useful for longer projects. Also it is possible to make individual chapterwise settings. So one can provide another person access to only one specific chapter for example. It can be constantly updated.
  • It helps to keep an overview on all the work you (teacher) or the students have already done and how the different parts belong together. Furthermore one can always update and add chapters, give others the allowance to view or edit specific chapters and so on.


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