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This guide is still in DRAFT mode!

The eSkript platform gives you the opportunity of interactivity and collaboration. The following scenarios will show lecturers how to successfully implement eSkript in their teaching to foster collaboration and add interactivity. Students, on the other hand, can open their own eSkripts and write papers or summaries, use annotation, thus complementing their learning environment. They can use it on their own or collaborate with their peers.


Info about eSkript’s functionalities

  • To work with the annotation from hypothes.is and its group function, have a look in the private annotation and public annotation chapters of the User’s Guide.
  • To open your own eSkript, enable annotation on it, add interactivity modules and more, navigate to the Author’s Guide.


If you have a brilliant scenario idea to add to this guide, please contact me! sarah.frederickx@hest.ethz.ch


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