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10 Writing ‘written out’ lecture material

The lecturer puts slides (or merely a chapter structure with or without keywords) on eSkript and students write out the lecture’s content. Students may also review each other’s work.


Detailed task/case (for lecturer and students)




Lecturer/assistant need to review the students’ work. !!! This IS a lot of work!

One student is responsible of logistics (which part is done by who, who reviews who). The other students (one student or a small group) each take over one part and review one part.

NB: If this is an advanced/complex lecturer, students may not be able to grasp ‘the whole thing’.

With roles: writer, editor, reviewer

IMPORTANT: Zentrales Element, Semesterleistung


Evtl.  (max 80 students)

Urs Notiz: Lieni Lutz, Skript A / Skript B; Literatur nochmals anschauen


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