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6 Interactivity Modules

Lecturer Creates Interactivity Modules

To make your material come to life, add pictures, videos, simulations or interactivity modules. eSkript offers you to use the h5p modules. You will find an overview of the best ones (interactivity video, multiple choice questions, hotspot, timeline, flashcards,…) in the User’s Guide: Interactivity Modules Examples.

One example of an interactive video in eSkript:



Check out: How to create H5P interactivity modules

Example of D-MATH

An amazing example of the use of interactive modules is shown in this public eSkript “Using Applets in Math courses“.

Example of D-HEST, Medicine

A book for learning: Endokrinologie und Stoffwechsel. Be sure to check out the many ‘… -Selbsttest’ chapters at the end of every part!

Students Create Interactivity Modules

The scenario, in German, can be found in the ‘eSkript Lernelemente‘.

‘How to create H5P interactivity modules’ (with examples in the next chapters)


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