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1 Review

Students review the given material finding typos, errors in formulas, muddy points, and spots that need rephrasing. Your material will improve drastically!



Detailed task (for lecturer and students)

Ask students to correct the material that you publish on eSkript using the hypothes.is annotation.

Note: It is wise to open a hypothes.is group (for that course for that semester) and let them correct there. (If the annotations were fully public, the annotations intended for corrections would still be visible even after having corrected the text. Annotations in hypothes.is groups are only visible to the students in that group (at that time).)



The material is well reviewed. Students are taken seriously and have a purpose.



Motivate them a few times at the beginning of the semester, telling them why you would appreciate it. It is most important to implement (or at least react to) students’ remarks. If this is not the case, they will not collaborate.


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