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How do you embed these applets in your script?

If you are using a PDF document you may embed an applet by giving a link to it and a screenshot of it. If you are using E-Skript, you may do it exactly as we did in this text. It is very easy to do and we would be happy to show you the details.

Can I embed applets in multiple choice questions?

Yes! It is possible to embed applets either in the Moodle system or in the new Khan Framework.

This looks great, but I’m afraid I’m not so good with computers and it seems too complicated…

Using GeoGebra is quite straightforward and much simpler than any other CAS. On www.geogebra.org it is possible to find many applets, download them and edit them to suit your needs (i.e. change notation, add/remove features). In fact, most of the applets we have shown here were not made by us!

In particular, we would be happy to assist you by showing you the following:

  • a basic introduction to GeoGebra
  • how to present applets in your lecture
  • how to embed applets in E-Skript
  • how to collect applets in a GeoGebraBook
  • how to embed applets in Moodle

Moreover, if you have an idea for an applet that you would like to have, we can help you to develop it, or even develop it for you. We already have students who have been hired for this purpose.

This E-skript system looks cool, especially with the applets, but I’m allergic to writing math not in Latex.

We are too! For this reason, we have developed a converter from Latex to WordPress, called tex2ast. Using this converter you can work entirely on a single latex file which you automatically convert to WordPress. There is a built-in two-way macro that lets you decide what you want to show in the PDF whenever you have an applet in your E-Skript. More details can be found here and we would be happy to assist you with this.

Have you already made a collection of applets that I can choose from? What are these GeoGebraBooks?

A GeoGebraBook is a collection of GeoGebra-based materials and worksheets.  Here is, for example, a GeoGebraBook about complex numbers. Here is a short and useful page on how to construct a GeoGebraBook.

We are currently working on creating a centralized resource center which will contain all the applets we have built or those that we find interesting along with other relevant ideas and resources.

In the meantime, you can browse Menny‘s GeoGegebraBooks or just look for interesting content on geogebra.org.



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