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You will find the lecture material for some lectures on the web (cf. D-HEST catalog), just like this ‘book’. We would like you to use the material primarily this way because of the benefits of public annotations. More on this in the first chapter!

Private annotations (and scribbling/drawing/etc.) are important for the learning process and we think that changing to digital annotations may make your life easier (even if the first steps are hard). You will find info about this topic in chapter two.

NEW in 2015/2016

  • eSkript now offers private annotations on the web as well. (Last year it only provided public annotation.) The service used is called hypothes.is and you need an account with hypothes.is to make comments. We would kindly ask you to try it out, to see if it goes into the right direction. Thank you!
  • Interactivity modules like videos enhanced with additional info and questions about the content are available for eSkript authors.

There are also downloads of the material in PDF and EPUB format on the main web page (title page) of the lecture material. Just scroll down a bit and you will find it on the right side next to the book description.


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