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7 Open Your own eSkript

You can…

  • put your papers, summaries, lecture material or anything else on eSkript.
  • have your material online to be always available.
  • have a PDF and EPUB version of your material.
  • let the material be reviewed/commented on by anyone you choose.
  • decide to have collaborators and work together.
  • use interactivity modules.

Let’s open your own eSkript right away!

  1. Follow this link[1] and log in (you need to be part of AAI), log in. You will arrive into the admin panel.
  2. Under ‘My Catalog’ (in the upper left corner, next to ‘PB’) choose ‘Add A New Book’, follow instructions
  3. Fill out the ‘Book Info’ (the ‘Save’ button is at the top!)
  4. Under ‘Appearance’, ‘Choose theme’: ETH Skripts
  5. Set the ‘Privacy’ under ‘Settings’ (‘Book Visibility’ & ‘Who can sign up as a subscriber?’)
  6. You can now enter your content! Go to the menu ‘Text’, add a chapter. When entering content, do not forget to save: ‘Publish’/Update’. The menu ‘Text’ is the one you will use constantly.

To have downloads (in different formats) available

  • Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Privacy’, next to ‘Share Latest Export Files’ choose ‘Yes, I would like…’, ‘Save changes’
  • Go to ‘Export’, choose the formats you want and click ‘Export your book’

Good to know

  • Drag and drop chapters to reorder (when organizing text)
  • Format bar: toggle with the last icon.
  • Headings (begin with ‘Heading 1’; choose if numbered (by clicking on your title)

Have fun!

If you need any help and support, please contact me! I want to make this work for you.

Sarah Frederickx (sarah.frederickx@hest.ethz.ch)

For more info: Go to the Author’s Guide and follow the instructions. You only need your nethz-account!


  1. You can find this link on the portal page of eSkript, eskript.ethz.ch


PolyBooks: User's Guide to eSkript - old Copyright © 2015 by Sarah Frédérickx. All Rights Reserved.